Bespoke lifting aide provided to Newlyweds Foods, Sydney

Liftaide recently had the opportunity to install a bespoke lifting aide for Newly Weds Foods. Newly Weds Foods is a world-leading food manufacturer with offices around the world, meaning they need the best manufacturing equipment to continue operating at the highest level.

The team Liftaide developed a bespoke special application lifter for their Sydney location. This specially designed application lifter is used to decant food ingredient powders into automated packaging machinery.

The machine lifts and rotates drums to 180 degrees for automated metering, increasing accuracy and efficiency.

Some of the features of this particular:

  • Stationary fixture
  • 240v Ac lift
  • Variable speed lift for accurate positioning
  • PLC sequence operation to dock with metering valve during setup.
  • Direction selector to rotate drum to the left or the right side of the lifter allows a universal packing line layout.
  • ¬†Innovative, unique integrated tipping motion pivots drums off lifter centre line to position over machine hoppers as the drum is inverting.

For more information about this specific special application lifter or to find out more about our bespoke lifting aides please contact the team at Liftaide, we provide bespoke manufacturing equipment throughout Australia.


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