How our lifting trolleys are support Australia’s essential industries

While the start of 2020 has been a whirlwind and many essential industries have been in overdrive trying to keep up with demand, Liftaide is pleased to announce that we are still manufacturing and supplying lifting trolleys for Australia’s essential industries during this uncertain time.

Our team is working hard to design, manufacture, and supply lifting trolleys to all of our clients who need them the most. As demand for food, medical supplies, and healthcare grows it’s critical that these businesses and providers have the equipment they need to perform their duties as efficiently and as safely as possible.

From counterbalanced lift trolleys for the food manufacturing industry to our gas lift trolleys supplied to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, we are able to greatly reduced the amount of manual handling that workers have to do on a day-to-day basis, greatly improving productivity, efficiency, and workplace safety.

A big thank you to all of our clients who are doing tremendous work at the moment to ensure people around Australia have access to the care and supplies they need during the COVID-19 pandemic. The team at Liftaide are extremely pleased that our custom engineered lifting trolleys are able to assist our clients in providing people with the essential things they need during this time.

To find out more about our lifting trolleys please contact our team today. We specifically design our lifting trolleys to make the manufacturing process easier for our clients, if you think that your manufacturing process could be more efficient, talk to us about your major pain points.

Chances are our engineering team either have already developed a lifting trolley that could make the process more efficient or could custom design and manufacture one for you.

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