Lifting trolleys & material handling equipment

Liftaide supports businesses in a large range of industries throughout Australia and beyond by building bespoke lifting trolleys and material handling equipment. Having the right manual handling trolley and specialised material handling equipment can have a substantial impact on the efficiency of your business.

All of our equipment is made to the highest safety and relevant regulatory standards, helping to reduce workplace accidents and ensuring all of our client’s equipment is OHS compliant. Not only does having well-made materials handling trolleys and equipment make processes in the workplace more efficient, but it can also greatly reduce the number of injuries caused by poor manual handling practices.

According to Safe Work Australia close to half of all work-related injuries, including strains, sprains, and other more serious injuries are a result of some type of manual handling. By having access to industry-leading specialised material handling equipment businesses are simultaneously able to increase their overall productivity and output while increasing safety and reducing injuries in the workplace.

From lifting drums, containers and gas cylinders, and much more, Liftaide can create custom materials handling trolleys and equipment to help businesses for any material handling purpose based on their needs.

Bespoke manufacturing lifting aids

Liftaide’s custom handling and lifting trolleys make gripping, lifting, tipping, moving, and carrying objects easier. We can manufacture lifting aids to suit the needs of your business, including electric, manual, and pneumatic models.

Compact & adjustable platform lift trolleys

From heavy-duty trolleys to electric and manual compact lift trolleys, we have a broad range of trolleys to fit any manufacturing purpose. Our range of trolleys can be manufactured and modified to suit your specific purpose, from stainless steel lift trolleys for the food and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries to heavy-duty roll application trolleys that are specially designed for the packaging and textile industry.

Contact us today to find out more about material handling equipment, we manufacture bespoke engineered equipment for clients in Australia and internationally.

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