Compact & Adjustable Platform Lifting Trolleys

Liftaide design and manufacture compact lifting trolleys and adjustable platform trolleys that allow people to carry things from shelves, move boxes and containers, and lower objects without compromising their back, preventing manual handling injuries.

We manufacture adjustable platform trolleys that can be operated both electrically and via a manual winch. The adjustable platform trolleys and compact trolleys provide phenomenal value for their size, allowing you to dramatically increase productivity through moving, gripping, and lifting items that would otherwise have to be manually handled.

These models are also perfect for working within limited spaces, as their compact nature means that they don’t take up much space and it also allows them to seamlessly blend into the workflow process. They are also highly versatile, with many of our compact and adjustable platform trolleys able to be used for a variety of processes.

All of our trolleys are built to be as user-friendly and as easy to maneuver as possible, allowing staff to position them where they need them at all times. This means that our trolleys can be used in most workspaces, from large warehouses and factories to small office spaces.

For more information about our Custom Lift Trolleys:

Contact us to find out more about our compact lift trolleys and adjustable platform trolleys. If you can not find a lifting trolley that suits the needs of your business, chances are we can still assist in designing and manufacturing a custom lifting trolley that is designed specifically to cater to your business’s needs.

We also design and manufacture custom lifting trolleys for clients in a range of industries, from pharmaceutical production and food manufacturing to warehousing and more.

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